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Euro Education Fair ( Country Education International ) is a panel of sophisticated and experienced education counselors who understand the need of the students, their parents and the sponsors.  


We provide our students the best possible information on the all available options, to help them to make the most prudent decisions.

We offer the students a highly professional and cost effective service process that enables a quick admission and smooth visa process.

It is a matter of combination of professional services of our consultants and expertise, different views, attitudes, and expertise, but with common values and a shared vision for individual higher education – that enables us to understand your needs, "see" your opportunities, and precisely respond to your interests with successful results and outcomes.

1. Experience and Reputation

We have been working in International Education and Admission services since 2007. Within this time we have built up a reputation as being one of the best and most trusted organizations operating in Bangladesh. 

2. Up-to-date and trustworthy information

Students are provided correct and updated information about quality of the faculties, teaching systems and resources, courses offered, environment and other facilities including all costs of the first class institutions in the overseas countries. This helps the students to get a clear idea about what is best for them.

3. Professional approach

While dealing with the requirements of the students coming to us, our expert counselors ensure that each and every case is handled methodically with best of their professionalism for 99% success. The entire process is sustemetised and quality controlled so that lapses if any are minimal.

4. Worldwide accreditation

Euro Education Fair is accredited with many world-class education providers in different countries. This results in a wide array of options for the students to choose from depending on their personal career ambitions

5. Value added services

We understand the needs of our students and in all deserving cases, we make special efforts for scholarship, credit transfer and waiver for course duration wherever possible to minimize the cost of study.

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